Do you pay your recruiter £20k per month plus benefits?

Recruiter salary 250pxIf you wouldn’t consider paying your recruiter £20k per month plus 30% bonus, plus car allowance, plus pension and private health care, why are you asking your Commercial Director (who IS getting all that) to be your recruiter?

Is it really best use of your Commercial Director’s time to be sifting through CVs and conducting telephone interviews in order to screen candidates before inviting them in for interview?

Can you afford for them to take their eye off the crucial deal that is about to close, or the tricky negotiation that is ongoing while they meet potential recruits?

Think about this. While your Commercial Director is recruiting a Director of Buying, they are not giving their own job their full attention. And if they are, then your new Director of Buying is going to be a long time coming, because nobody is concentrating on finding them. Which means that there are 2 jobs not being done properly. That vacant spot is costing the company money in lost sales revenue that is not being generated! Can your organisation afford the detrimental impact of that?

The role of a professional executive search consultancy is to put the right people in front of the Commercial Director. They will use their extensive network to tap into potential candidates and devote the necessary hours to find those that tick all the right boxes – and will do it much quicker than your overstretched Board member ever can.

Next time you have a senior level vacancy, don’t have a half hearted attempt at being a recruiter. Get in touch and let us take on the task of selecting a well-researched shortlist, for a fraction of the (opportunity) cost you’d spend in doing it yourself.