The Tide OF Trust – Do Your Customers Trust You?

Do Your Customers Trust You?

As a leader in business it is important for you to build trust with your customers, clients, employees and other business acquaintances.

Trust takes a long time to build but can be broken in mere seconds. Volkswagen is a prime example of just how quick a brand, that has been held in such high regard for generations, can fall from grace due to breaking consumer trust!

When trust is destroyed you open yourself and your business to bad vibes, game-playing and other underhanded tactics.

If you haven’t placed much stock on trust in your current business, you should take a step back and look at this issue. How trustworthy do you think you are, and how much trust do your customers place in you?

Use the following points to improve your trust ranking and build better relationships in your business. They can also be used to regain trust too.

  • Understanding and Empathy – try to look for things that you have in common with people and then build trust from there.
  • Being Honest and Open – don’t be scared to show your true emotions and viewpoints. Of course be receptive to other people’s opinions too.
  • Be Genuine – show people that you care.
  • Have Respect – you need to respect yourself and others and treat people as equal. Do not blame or criticize anyone or make them feel guilty.
  • Listening – really pay attention to what someone is saying and demonstrate that you understand them. All it takes is a quick nod in agreement to achieve this and trust will quickly build.
  • Best Interests – learn how to take other people’s interests into account, not just your own. Look for solutions so that everyone becomes a winner.
  • Being Reliable – when you promise to do something, follow through and get the task done. Don’t make promises that you have no intention of keeping.

Think about how you can take these principles and apply them to your business practices. If you promised to look into something for a customer, actually follow through and do so. Even if you don’t locate what it was they were looking for, at least you made the effort and tried. This will no doubt be totally appreciated by them and helps build trust and respect.

Sometimes mistakes happen or you sell or refer a product that isn’t suitable. When this happens be honest and tell your customers or clients that you made a mistake. This helps demonstrate solid business practices along with trust.

If you truly want to run a business with honesty, integrity and trust then take steps to build relationships with everyone you meet on a day to day basis.

Easy Ways to Build Trust
Building trust in certain situations can be tricky. While you may be looking to trust people, have you thought about how people view you when it comes to trust?

Use the following, easy ways, to build trust in both yourself and in others.

  1. Keep to your word and follow through with your actions.
  2. Learn how to communicate effectively with others. This is usually the main reason why relationships fall apart, because of bad communication skills.
  3. It takes time to build and earn trust. Learning to trust someone should be viewed as a daily activity.
  4. Take time when making decisions and think before acting too quickly.
  5. Value those relationships you have and don’t take them for granted.
  6. Treat your customers well and thank them for their business.
  7. Develop solid business principles.
  8. Work on developing customer loyalty.
  9. Develop your team skills and participate openly.
  10.  Always be honest.
  11.  Help people whenever you can. If you enjoy this, look at becoming a coach or mentor to others.
  12.  Don’t hide your feelings – this one can be tough. But when people know you care about them they will quickly learn how to trust you.
  13.  Don’t always self-promote. Think about others.
  14.  Learn to always do the right thing – another toughie for sure, but definitely worth it.
  15.  Admit your mistakes and share what you have learnt from it. Showing your vulnerable side helps to build trust with others.

While the above ways are all relatively easy to use, putting them into play may be difficult for some people. If you have been hurt or deceived in the past, learning to trust again can take a long, long time. But don’t give up on trusting people again, there are plenty of good, trustworthy people in this world.

One of the best pieces of advice that we can give you is to look at the way you view trust first. Go through the above list and see if you can honestly say that you do all of those things. If not, select one or two and work on improving them first.

Another idea is to ask a good friend how you do in the trust department. If you don’t like what you hear, take steps to change this viewpoint of you.

Next look at someone that you don’t quite trust yet. Figure out the reasons why and see what you can do to improve the situation or relationship.

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