Nail Your First 100 Days Like A Boss

boss's chairEven after a thorough recruitment process, there are no guarantees that you will settle into the organisation as quick as you would like. The first three months are crucial, as you get to know your boss, the people, the culture and the challenges of the role.

For those taking on increased management and leadership responsibility, this period can be especially challenging, not to mention stressful.

Whether you have been recruited internally or externally, there will be high expectations placed on you. No different to that of a newly signed striker for a major premiership team, it’s results that matter and now the pressure is on – whether you like it or not the honeymoon period is already starting to countdown.

During this crucial stage, you will want to make sure that you are:
• Up and running as fast as possible
• Building relationships quickly
• Having a strong personal impact
• Demonstrating solid leadership skills
• Achieving results

Crucially you also need to identify the handful of key stakeholders that will influence your career as you progress within your new role.

Make an impact

So how on earth do you ensure that you make the best possible impact during the first 100 days, balancing the expectations others have for your results whilst navigating a new work environment, and building relationships?

All of this can be tricky and requires an increased level of adaptability from you. It may even push you way outside of your comfort zone, calling you to draw upon a different skillset than you have been used to using.

In this period the image of the leader is created, and the integration and impact the leader will have is given its foundation. This first 100 days may break a person in a new role.

This is where working with an executive coach is invaluable, and with so much at stake, wouldn’t it make sense for you to have an Executive Onboarding Maestro in your corner dedicated to making your first 100 days a success?

“Few companies develop a systematic ‘on-boarding’ process for their new leaders, even though this is a critical function with major organizational implications” Goli Darabi, Senior Vice President, Corporate Leadership & Succession Management, Fidelity Investments

Nicholas Alexander First 100 Days Coaching Programme

The First 100 days programme supports the leader by coaching them through these and additional challenges they face. Our coaches provide the thinking space for new leaders to step back from the day to day operational pressures and work out what’s important to the business and to the new manager.
During this time, through face to face or skype coaching we will help them to:

• Make a powerful first impression
• Match their style to the business context, culture and politics
• Develop and start a strategic change aligned with the business needs
• Communicate effectively with key stakeholders
• Build up an effective team around them
• Ensure that quick wins occur so that credibility is increased
• Create a strong support network in the organisation that goes beyond the current team.
• Integrate more effectively into the organisation
• Accelerate value creation so results arrive sooner
• Sharpen the appropriate leadership skills for their business


What benefits would you have gained from working with an executive coach during the first 100 days of your last appointment?